You can always order in.

Your favorite Vermont business is struggling. Help save it.

Buy a gift card, shop their online store, pick-up take out or donate to them. Stay home while supporting your favorite local businesses throughout the COVID-19 crisis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Love Vermont?

Love Vermont is a directory of Vermont businesses (restaurants, salons, coffee shops, etc), many who sell gift certificates online, but can also be supported through take-out meals, online shopping options, or simple support of the business through a site like GoFundMe. It’s our hope that by providing this resource, we’ll be able to mobilize loyal customers to provide much-needed support for their favorite places in town.

Why isn’t my favorite business on your site?

Please help us add your favorite local spot here. We’re open to adding more small businesses throughout the state of Vermont. 

How else can I support our local businesses beyond purchasing a gift card?

Encourage the government to get involved. Please call your US Representative and your Senators. You can be connected to the capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. Demand that small businesses are part of the federal relief and recovery plans.

If you are HUNGRY, delivery and pickup are great options! Some restaurants that don’t normally offer delivery have started to offer curbside pickup during the pandemic so check their websites and social media to see what’s available. TIP GENEROUSLY if you can (even for delivery/pickup) since employees are doing extra work and putting their health at risk.

SHOP LOCAL ONLINE by choosing VERMONT stores and businesses to support. Oftentimes what you are buying on Amazon can be found online in a Vermont store. Peruse our list of retailers who are shipping to get your favorite products AND feel good about keeping your neighbors in business and busy!

Who built this? And why?

Three Vermont residents (Ted Adler, Nicole Junas Ravlin, Brad Robertson) wanted to do something to help local businesses during and through the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize that these local businesses and the people that own them and work within them really make up the fabric of Vermont and why our state is SO special. Love Vermont is our simple way to make it easier for people to help local businesses through this difficult time. We could all use a warm hug right now, and Love Vermont is our way of doing that from 6+ feet away.

You can contact us with any questions about the site at

Why isn’t my business showing up in your search results?

Please help us add your Vermont local business here.

Why are you not just promoting the sale of gift cards?

We recognize that business needs are different for every business. Allowing each business to select up to two ways to support was a good way to help solve short term issues.

Can you help me set up online sales for gift cards for my website? A GoFundMe page?

We are currently not supporting website builds for this project – BUT, you could do the following:

– Set up on Square to sell and process gift cards. You can find out how to do that here. Please note that you should familiarize yourself with Vermont’s rules and regulations around gift cards.

– Set up a GoFundMe to take donations for your business. There’s information and a quick guide on how to do that here